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Laminated type smart film
  • Laminated type smart film

Laminated Type Smart film

At present,the Laminated type smart film is the main form ,it is also the most common smart film in the markets, its structure is the most simple with  two layers of PET-ITO conductive film and the middle of the liquid crystal layer .

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The Laminated type smart film as the most main form of smart film ,it is accounted for about 90% of the share in the the entire smart film market .due to the smart glass is made of Laminated type smart film with glass and PVB film ,therefore smart film is with the stable performance .

Because smart film has the good resistance to ultraviolet and infrared function, so in the practical applications ,when the laminated type smart film becomes smart film,have excellent heat insulation effect, makes it is warm in winter and cool in summer indoor.

The tune Guangmo following diagram displays:

Along with the power supply from off to on, under the effect of electric field ,smart film will become opaque to transparent  instantly ,it is a very intelligent products.


Optical Properties Parallel Light Transmission ON > 81%
OFF < 10%
Visible Light Transmission ON > 80%
OFF < 5%
Visual Angle ON 150℃
UV Blocking ON/OFF > 99%
Electrical Properties Voltage ON 48V AC
Frequency ON 50-60HZ
Current ON 2mA/㎡
Power Consumption ON 8 W/㎡/hour
Switching Time ON-->OFF 0.002 second
OFF-->ON 0.01 second
Other    Index Working Temperature –30~80 ℃
Life Time > 500000 hours


Thickness :0.4mm

Maximum size :1524mm*3048mm

Color: transparent ,milky white, gray.

 Laminated type smart film as a intermediate material ,its application field is quite widespread ,usually  require sandwich in 2 piece of glass  ,widely used for shower room, partition, door, window, projection screen, etc.

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