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       Smart film is also named liquid crystal film ,the scientific name is polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film ,it is based on liquid crystal material "light valve" characteristics of the liquid crystal film.when the liquid crystal of the film droplets is in the applied electric field,according to the sequence distribution, , the film becomes colorless and transparent when the incident light is completely through ,When the applied electric field disappears, liquid crystal droplets arrangement distribution sequence is disrupted, so that the incident light is scattered . It will generate milky "ground glass" effect.




        Based on it can be instantly convert the transparency of the smart film and glass, acrylic materials fit after installation and use. Not only can realize people’s perspective requirements, but also meet the needs of the protection of privacy. the liquid crystal layer of the middle of smart film can be very good absorb ultraviolet ray and reflect infrared ray, thus it will be warm in winter and cool in summer in the achieve environmental protection and energy saving. So advanced intelligent material to let our life, work, entertainment become more and more wonderful.



Operating principle

The smart film is made of two layers of PET-ITO conductive film and the middle of the liquid crystal film, the crystal film is composed by liquid crystal droplets and the outer polymer,The inner layer of liquid crystal droplets becomes disordered arrangement form when power off ,when parallel light is irradiated through the polymer to the liquid crystal material,due to the refractive index of the liquid crystal droplet is less than its outer layer polymer,the light in the liquid crystal droplet surface is diffusely reflection and scattering, the entire piece of smart film becomes opaque,Presents frosting pervious to light and not transparent effect, when power on,the two pieces of PET-ITO conductive film has played a role of the planar electrodes, makes the liquid crystal droplets become orderly . perpendicular to the smart film.thus parallel light in the liquid crystal material layer is not reflection and refraction, the light can be through the whole smart film,and the smart film become transparent.





There are two types of smart film when used for glass,acrylic and the materials ,one is laminated type smart film and other is self-adhesive smart film, those two types smart film is with the same working principle and parameter specifications ,the main difference is the use of the methos, the details of those two smart film please check their introduction.








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