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Color glazing glass
  • Color glazing glass
  • Color glazing glass
  • Color glazing glass
  • Color glazing glass

Color Glazing Glass

By drying, tempering or thermalization process to the inorganic glaze(oil ink)printed on the surface of glass, the glaze is permanently sintered on the surface on the glass. This is the Color glazing glass. It has the characteristics of wear-resistant and acid-resistant, high functional and decorative. We can design and make many different colors and patterns, such as strip, mesh, and lightning-like patterns, etc.. Customized colors and patterns are available.

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1. Comparing other materials, such as brick, stone or wood , it is cheap and easy to install.
2 there are various colors and pattern(usually customized ) to choose. It can   contrast other glasses in the curtain wall or balance color matching.
3 glazing glass can be set up in the support structure. absorption, no penetration, easy to clean.
5. same as the glass the glaze is also the organic material, no fading no peeling, consistenting with building life.
6 The glaze easily accepted non-rigid viscose that used to isolate arch.

7.The glaze can absorb and reflecting part of the solar heat, having the effect of energy saving.
8 it can be coated, laminated, hollow and other composite processing, access to the special properties of other field of uses.
9 by tempering,the final product has good mechanical properties, resistance against performance and thermal shock resistance and higher safety performance.
10. Good shading effect.

The sintering of the glass glaze also known “decorating firing”, Usually operate in furnace. To make the glaze sintered, the key point is to control the sintering temperature. The glaze ink oil is a blend of solvent and alkyd resin. Making decorating firing is about to go through the following temperature change stages:
1.From room temperature to 120 ℃, warming-up, the ink do not change;
2.From 120 ° ~ 250 ℃, light oil evaporates;
3.250 ° ~ 500 ℃, the combustion of heavy oil and resin gasification;
4.From 500 ° to 580 ° C, the glass powder begins to melt, the surface of the substrate glass slightly softening;
5.From 580 ° to 620 ° C, the glass glaze powder melt ,put pigment powder melting into which, when the glass surface is completely softened, glaze and glass combined into one, the completion of the the Glazed transfer and sintering till slowly cooled to room temperature.

Widely used in building decoration industry; furniture glass, electronic glass are often use  glaze treatmenting process.

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