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The ultra-thin bulletproof glass
  • The ultra-thin bulletproof glass
  • The ultra-thin bulletproof glass
  • The ultra-thin bulletproof glass

The Ultra-thin Bulletproof Glass

Because of its excellent impact resistance and anti-burst, once available on a wide use range of military, defense, banking, special vehicles, etc. Usually it is made more than 5 layers of different of thickness of the glass and the film closely sandwiched together.

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Our bulletproof glass has the characteristics
Ultra-thin: the bulletproof glass of the Company adopted the new technology and production methods, successfully made ​​a slim 20mm thick bulletproof glass.
Easy to clean: the all-glass material used in the production, different from the explosion-proof film bulletproof glass which is dirty and difficult to clean.
Operating temperature: As no PC board or explosion-proof film in it, only PVB film clamped in. thus expands the working temperature of the bullet-proof glass.
Work atmophere: As the product is no explosion-proof film full glass of ultra-thin bulletproof glass, not easy to influence its effects by the atmosphere, so, the working range is expanded, it’s really called “work around the clock.”

Light transmittance: 70%
Thickness: 20mm
Anti-pounding intensity: F79-class
Work environment: all weather

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