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Anti-skidding glass
  • Anti-skidding glass
  • Anti-skidding glass
  • Anti-skidding glass

Anti-skidding Glass

Anti-skidding glass flooring has superior performance with safety。An innovative flooring materials。it is processed by multi-sandwiched technique。 the top sheet is tempered glass, surface coated with a special anti-slip coating with a variety of beautiful pattern design, it looks more stylish and elegant. Also through clever design, people walking on the glass floor feel more insecure.

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1, Anti-skidding
The surface of the glass layer has a higher coefficient of friction, provide a guarantee for the non-slip glass flooring ,free to walk without slipping.
 2, transparent
Anti-slip glass floor remains transparent characteristics, completely no obstruction of sight, Make you feel the visual is integrated, visual space is more open.
 3, safety
 Anti-skidding glass floor substrate has high strength, can withstand a heavy load without break. this non-slip glass floor not only be able to withstand a greater load even though by accidental destruction, the glass substrate lower glass is still able to provide sufficient support to ensure safety.
 4, anti-slip layer does not fall off
The non-slip layer is a glass sintered and become part of the glass overall, and therefore can not fall off after long-term friction.
 5 beautiful
 Non-slip level can be designed to be linear, punctate or printed according to the pattern you like, the pattern can be personalized.

Mainly used for stair treads, office floors, entertainment venues.

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