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Fire-resistant glass
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  • Fire-resistant glass
  • Fire-resistant glass

Fire-resistant Glass

Originally the building is to protect the safety of the occupants, and fire insulation is an important part of building security. Fire performance is increasingly focused on modern architecture, as well as increase the escape time to improve the performance of the defensive capabilities in case of fire. Glass, as one of the most important building materials, the fire proofing performance will also affect the overall fire performance of the building, fire-resistant glass also emerged. Now on the market in accordance with the classification of global, fire-resistant glass can be divided into three categories A, B, C, and each type of fire-resistant glass in varying fireproofing level. However, at this stage all kinds of fire-resistant glass has a more or less defects. For example:can not be re-processed or opaque or fire rating is not high enough.

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Our production can be cut, transparent and insulation. And has six characteristics
Energy Efficiency: This product has a high insulation can reduce the indoor temperature range, so easy to achieve the energy saving effect.

Transparent : high permeability is one of the major characteristics. This characteristic make it save lighting energy consumption, at the same time improve the efficiency of observation.
Workability: The biggest feature of this product is undoubtedly cutting and reprocessing. This solve the ills that can not make changes to the construction site.

Light transmittance:> 70%
Thickness: 30 to 50 mm
Fire resistance:> 180 min National Fire Glass standard Class A +
Workability: drilling, milling, cutting reprocessing
Thermal conductivity: when it is 1000 degree of Fire facing surface, the back surface is not more than 80 within 1 hour.
Normal life: 10 years

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